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Love Always.


A word heard so often, used more than can be imagined, written about, sung about. It is a feeling that is deeper than flesh, yet the one thing that really connects us as human. It is imperfect at times. Not always understood. Love can get messy, but it is constant.

There are brands of love. You can love your neighbor for the small conversations you have in passing. You can love your colleagues for the little bits of laughter they add to your hard days. You love your siblings for memories you share. love can come even from enduring a hard time with someone. love is infinite and personal, yet can spread like wildfire if you just let it.

I have felt love connected to both heart ache and joy. To love someone is to give a part of yourself to them. I have found myself crying, looking at some of my friends get married and have children, because nothing fills my heart with more joy then seeing them happy. Yet out of love I cry once more if they go through cruelties of life, if they have lost someone, if they are struggling. My heart is with them.

Funny how something that roots so much from within can stem so far. Love knows no boundaries. It's strength is resilient to time or death. How can we believe that something that divine is not a sign of something greater?

So with the holidays swinging around, whether you are alone or with your family, I hope you know that you are loved. I hope you feel the calmness of content and the grace of love. Say a cheer to those around you and to those who've passed, because surely they are alive in that powerful heart of yours. And I'll say a cheer to all of you, my friends, my family and the blessings of world to me.

Then best part of this world is having all of you in mine.

Love you now and always.

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