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Who Are We?

We got off on the wrong foot, so please let's start over. I am me. I'm still making a lot of mistakes. I'm still learning about myself. Here you are and my impression of you is that you are unapologetically you.

Hey, personally, I think that is really cool. I can't be you though, and I feel like to you, that means that i'm not fitting into your box of what you think I should also be.

I don't want to be a mini version of you though. Maybe I gave you mixed vibes when I tried to be something I'm not for you. I'd really like to be me and I think you would get along better with that person...she's way more real and happy.

So let's celebrate each other. That can't be so hard can it?

Differences can be something that we become indifferent to.  

We can see the world in various views from infinite lenses. Wouldn't that be beautiful? Like a bunch of artists painting the same scene from their heart.

There would be so much to see.

So let's be original together. Let's be unique and special instead of controlled and bound.

Let's be free to be you, me, us, whatever it is we want to be.

I'll celebrate you, and you I.

Because whatever you are, and whoever you may be. It makes up part of We. 

We. That's You and me.
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